Change management

You want to make a change and you want it to be successful. Whether it's implementing new technologies, adapting and improving business processes or bridging the gap between the current and future state of your organization. You want to be unburdened and be able to outsource change management completely.


At Valid, we don't focus on methods, but are pragmatic. Our change makers use their knowledge and experience to make your project a success. Let's map out the smartest route together to successfully implement your change.

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As an organization, you want to continue to grow and adapt in an ever-changing world


Knowledge Sharing

IPMA, Prince2, Scrum and change management hold no secrets for us. We are happy to share our knowledge with your organization.


Success Factors

We determine the success factors together and make them measurable and continue to monitor them continuously.


Impact of change

Change brings uncertainty. We understand the impact of change on people, organization and processes.


Further thinking

Our approach goes beyond the standard aspects such as resources, risks, costs, quality and money.


Innovative and creative

We are on top of the latest developments and dare to innovate. In this way, we also distinguish ourselves within your organization.

We are here to guide you successfully through every step of the change process

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Successfully implementing change starts with trust. Trust in each other's approach, vision and teams and trust in the positive impact of the changes themselves. This is why communication is central to our collaboration. Our colleagues really become part of your business.

Our approach focuses not only on implementation, but also on the impact on people, organization, processes and information.


Applications to be migrated, systems to be transferred, it all starts with creating a clear plan. Because a clear plan is half the battle. We completely relieve you of this process. We do not work by the book but really look at what is needed within your organization. So that the migration goes flawlessly and risks are avoided.

At Valid, we understand that change is not only necessary for growth, but also an opportunity for innovation and improvement.


Not only do we guide you through a change, we also strive to achieve your goals. We do this by making success factors measurable and continuously monitoring feasibility. Optimizations also play a role. 

Bringing the rest of your organization along for the ride? Knowledge sharing is central to Valid. IPMA, Prince2, Scrum and change management hold no secrets for us.

Our services for successful change accompaniment

Project management

Our Change Makers use their knowledge and experience to make every project a success. They are able to deploy the right approach (Prince II, Agile) for your organization.

Agile working

Agile is impossible to imagine today. But how do you successfully deploy this way of working to really reap the benefits? We help you lead the way.

Business analysis

How do you implement change successfully? Our Change Makers have the approach to answer that question for you.

Discover opportunities for your organization
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