Implementing change

Implementing your IT, a merger project or perhaps a process change. These are all types of changes that involve a lot of movement. Once a change occurs in your organization, you naturally want to implement it successfully.


We guide you through that change. So that the result you have in mind is achieved. Because we get happy when we get to assist our clients in making the smartest choices.

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Change requires action

You have a change in mind. You have a vision of what needs to change around you and know what direction you want to take. But how do you best approach this? How can you achieve the best results? And how do you involve your employees in this? We have the answers to these questions.

We look for a good balance between steering on the goals you have and room for individual needs from the employees. 

A soft landing strategy

A successful change program is primarily about the well-being of your employees. As a people company, we understand this like no other. Every employee handles change differently. A soft landing is essential when implementing change.

It helps your employees get used to what is going to change. This is how we manage the uncertainty and anxiety that change brings. 

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The human factor

To successfully implement change, we want to become part of your organization. Trust is the basis of our cooperation. In fact, we regularly hear that colleagues do not even realize that our change management consultants are not officially part of the organization. 

We like to challenge you

Do you already have an idea of how you want to implement the change? Then we would like to challenge you. What do you think is the right way? Is this means still correct? We hold up a mirror to you and help you think about other ways to do things better.

Solutions and services for successful change accompaniment

Change Management

Our Change Makers use their knowledge and experience to make every project a success. They are able to deploy the right approach (Prince II, Agile) for your organization.

Business and information analysis

We innovate continuously, with a smart mix of speed and insight. Our Business & Information Analysts connect your needs with the right IT solutions. They translate, integrate and collaborate to smoothly implement any change.

Project Management

Our project managers use their knowledge and experience to make every project a success. They are able to deploy the right approach (Prince II, Agile) for your organization.

Agile working

'Agile' is often mentioned, but what does it really mean? Think flexible, think fast. It's a way of development that helps you respond quickly to new requirements and priorities. Do you have a project on the horizon and are in doubt about the best approach? Whether you're thinking Agile or a more traditional route, we're ready with advice. With Valid, you'll find the path that's right for you.

Some of the clients we have successfully guided through change


From knowledge and experience, Valid helped to further develop the Scrum teams" - Joost Huurman, R&D Director and Program Manager Phoenix, CBS

Ambulance Care Limburg
AmbulanceZorg Limburg

"In this kind of complex process, it is important to be able to trust that we are still in control." Michel van Zundert, Information Manager of Ambulance Care Limburg


"Many compliments for the way the project went and for the final result." Patrick van Weert, Senior IT Supervisor Medtronic


"Because of the open way of communicating and the thorough content coordination with Valid, we had every confidence in the migration." - Edward Heijkers, Director of IT AZL

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