Working at Valid is a career with meaning

People are the heart of Valid. Therefore, cooperation and strong mutual relationships are the foundation of our success. At Valid, we have an eye for you and your colleagues. And trust is at the heart of everything we do. 

From flexible working hours and health initiatives to training and education, we invest in the well-being of our people to remain a resilient and energetic organization. Moreover, we carry out cool projects for great clients ánd you work together with 300 colleagues. With us, you don't just have a job. You make impact. Will you soon make the switch to Valid?

Trust > Tech > Thrive: your meaningful career at Valid!

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Trust: people are the heart of Valid

We are not a company of numbers and hierarchy. Our culture is all about real people and equality. People who understand the market and know what's going on. We are sharp on content and sympathetic in collaboration. With us, you feel valued, heard and involved. We are not officially a Great Place to Work for nothing .

Because we understand that every collaboration begins with one indispensable condition: trust. This also means that we don't tell tall tales to bring you in. There has to be a match, both from you and from us. Because we always go for it with 100 percent. Do you? 

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Tech: together we breathe technology

Like no other, we kick on the latest developments. We breathe technology. And we keep delving into the very latest.

Not to always apply it, but to know exactly what is there, what is possible and what is coming.

Because this allows us to make sharp choices together with our clients and colleagues. Will you join us in realizing the goals and wishes of our clients? 

Thrive: growth and thrive

For 25 years, we have helped not only organizations, but also our colleagues grow and prosper. We invest heavily in personal development.

Thus, at Valid you are fully in control of developing your skills and growth path, in which we are of course happy to support you.

We promote initiatives that promote your health, reduce stress and encourage a balanced lifestyle. Because we understand the importance of balancing your health, work happiness and productivity.


Our vacancies

Is your desired position not directly listed, but do you think you'd be a good fit for Valid? We would also like to get in touch with you. Send an open application and we will contact you as soon as possible!