Modern Work

Flexibility and safety. These are the keywords of Modern Work. The line between work and home is blurring; you are not always tied to an office to work. If you travel, you can keep working. If you want to work on a presentation in the evening, you can. Even if you want to stay home for whatever reason, you can keep working.


Colleagues expect a flexible workplace that allows access to applications and data anytime, anywhere and on any device without worrying about security.

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Being able to work pleasantly anytime, anywhere

Colleagues are finding it increasingly normal to have all of your organization's data and applications at their fingertips anywhere. A modern workplace meets that expectation and need. We create a work environment that enables colleagues to work securely anywhere in the world. We do this through a solution based on best practices, cloud services and proven security, possibly supplemented by customization. This is how we make the comfort of working in the office portable.

Receive support everywhere

Of course, sometimes something may not work as you expect. Or that you don't know exactly how something works. As a partner, we are there to help you then, without being physically present. Using specialized software, we take control of the device remotely to help the end user. We provide the support you need via phone, email, or live chat. 

Well secured everywhere

A modern workplace consists of hardware with software that allows access to centrally stored data and applications. Wherever you are. On any device. Security therefore deserves extra attention. With mobile device management , we guarantee that security. MDM includes the management of mobile devices within an organization. It involves software, policies and procedures designed to centralize and automate the configuration, security, monitoring and support of devices. In the event of loss, we can remotely whip the device. By the way, this can also be done on colleagues' personal devices. With mobile app management, for example, they can only log in to their work email through a compliant application. We then protect not the device, but the data running on the device.

What Modern Work brings to your colleagues and organization


Maximum productivity

A modern workplace boosts your colleagues' productivity by offering flexibility and mobility. It automates processes, it provides anytime, anywhere access to data and applications - making one less dependent on the office - and thus supports a healthy work-life balance.


Digital collaboration

Nothing is more annoying than editing a presentation, and finding out later that a colleague has done the same thing in another document. With a modern workplace, colleagues always work in the same, latest version of a file. And it is always possible to have conference calls.



A modern workplace is so flexible that it can move with developments in the market. It ensures that colleagues are always working in the most up-to-date environment. We therefore always keep you informed of developments to guarantee business continuity.


Cost control

Growth without having to invest for it first. Shrinkage when the situation calls for it. A modern workplace always moves with fluctuating user numbers, storage and bandwidth. The scalability of a modern workplace always keeps costs in line with your demand.

How we get started with Modern Work for your organization

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Get information

To draw up a recommendation that fits your issue, we first collect the necessary information. We talk about the issue, but we also look for example at what type of users there are within the organization, where they work and how technically inclined your employees are. We create a complete picture of the personas within your company.


In the second phase, we prepare a recommendation that includes IT infrastructure, application and security. The plan depends on a number of parameters, such as the number of end users and the number of locations. We also do a preliminary migration planning. Do we take your colleagues into the new environment in a classroom setting or is documentation sufficient? We tailor this to your end users.


After the modern workspace is built and before it actually goes live, we carefully test everything. We remove all teething problems from the online environment in advance and only go live when everything works as expected. That way we can be sure that your staff will enjoy all the benefits from day one. 

Solutions and services for Modern Work

  • Azure AD Identity
  • Windows 10/11
  • Mac OS
  • Intune (MDM/MAM)
  • Microsoft 365 Apps
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft Viva
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Management and maintenance
  • Adoption
  • Defender Suite
  • HP Business Notebooks
  • Microsoft Surface PCs
  • Consultancy and advice
Discover opportunities for your organization
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