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Microsoft is known worldwide as the number one market standard for business IT. That's why we see Microsoft as our reliable partner. Together with Microsoft, we come up with the best solution for your challenges. We are strongly committed to Microsoft's roadmap and supplement it where necessary with solutions and services from complementary vendors. Opting for 'Microsoft First | Cloud First', has resulted in in-depth knowledge and expertise. How can we support you in realizing efficiencies or implementing innovative solutions?

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Your trusted advisor and Microsoft Partner

You are looking for an IT partner that chooses the best suitable option from numerous technologies. With our knowledge and expertise in Microsoft, we have extensive experience in building, implementing and managing solutions for our clients.

If you choose Microsoft as your business IT platform, then you are choosing very solid availability, innovation and productivity, laying the foundation for scalable growth. Does your organization want to (partially) make the move to the cloud?

Or are you already using Azure or another Microsoft technology and think you can get more out of it? Chances are there are great efficiencies and improvements possible; resulting in lower Azure costs, for example. Whatever your challenge, we provide an IT landscape that fully serves your goals.

Microsoft Partner Designations

To provide our clients with the best solutions and services, we work closely with Microsoft. A reliable partner that assists us in choosing the best solutions for our clients' challenges. Not for nothing do we have five 'Microsoft partner designations'. This demonstrates that we meet Microsoft's strict guidelines and can offer our clients the best services and experience.

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Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsoft's public cloud platform and is the most widely used public cloud service worldwide. The platform combines and integrates a huge spectrum of cloud services, tools and technologies and continues to grow continuously. With Azure, you can develop, deploy and manage applications on a very solid platform.  

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the "new name" for the former Office 365. It is the Microsoft platform for all Office and collaboration tools and is an indispensable foundation for the modern workplace of almost all businesses. Working with Microsoft 365 means that your employees work with the best Microsoft tools from the cloud. Where all information is always current and in sync. So that your colleagues can work securely from the cloud from any location and at any time.

Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft's Power Platform is a suite of services and apps for business intelligence (BI), app development and connectivity between apps and has integrations with other platforms and Microsoft technology. 

Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender offers a range of integrated and automated solutions for securing Azure and Microsoft 365 environments. We have knowledge and expertise for both Microsoft Defender XDR and Microsoft Defender for cloud.

Microsoft Fabric

Fabric is the advanced data platform designed for the age of AI. This innovative solution transforms the way your organization accesses and works with data. Fabric includes a full analytics platform that provides uniformity, functions as a SaaS solution and meets the highest standards of security and governance. It is "lake centric" and open at every level, allowing Microsoft to deliver an intuitive, AI-based data platform that is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Copilot

With Microsoft Copilot, you get your personal AI assistant that can change the way you work forever. Copilot is integrated into the Microsoft Apps and with the help of commands (prompts), you put Copilot to work. It's the most powerful productivity tool of the moment.

Microsoft Purview

Manage your data securely with Microsoft Purview. The integrated solution that lets you manage your enterprise data across the board (on prem, cloud and SaaS). It lays the foundation for data security in the AI era. For example, it provides centralized asset allocation, gain insights into managing sensitive data across the domain, and share real-time information while effortlessly controlling data access. 

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