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At Valid, we go beyond providing innovative IT solutions for our clients. We want to continue to grow and prosper, not only for our customers but also for each other. And as we grow and prosper, we are mindful of the world we live in. So that we minimize our impact on the environment as much as possible. You can trust us to do that.

Sustainable employability of our colleagues

Our colleagues are the heart of Valid. That is why we continue to work on the sustainable employability of our colleagues. By investing in our employees with innovative working conditions in terms of salaries, training and education. But also by initiatives that promote the health of our colleagues, reduce stress and encourage a balanced lifestyle. So that we continue to grow and prosper together on the development of both our organization and that of our clients.

Minimizing our impact on the environment

Every day we try to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, using our mobility policy and Green IT. Because we understand that we operate in the middle of a long chain of many IT suppliers and customers. And so we bear a common responsibility; to reduce our impact on the environment.

Working with our customers to achieve sustainability goals

We set our sights on helping our customers achieve their ESG goals - which stands for Environmental, Social & Governance. Especially in terms of Green IT and thanks to data-driven improvements.

In doing so, we adopt the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability and help our customers implement it.

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