Managed Services

IT is the foundation of your organization. You are no exception if virtually all processes are founded on technology. To keep growing and thriving, it is important to closely monitor and - if necessary - implement innovations within IT. That can be tricky if IT is not your core business.


As a Managed Services Provider, we take that role from you. We become your IT department and partner. We use our IT knowledge to make your organization as efficient as possible. And your colleagues, end users and even your customers will reap the benefits.

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The pillars of Managed Services

We are your help desk

As a managed services provider, implementing the technology is only the first step. After that, we are there for you as first- or second-line IT support at the times of need, with a view to minimizing downtime and maintaining operational efficiency.

If necessary, we act as a connecting link between the technology and your suppliers of peripherals such as printers or laptops. This way we relieve you of as much of your worries as possible.

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Getting Started with Managed Services


To ensure a seamless implementation to Managed Services, proper preparation is crucial. We make clear agreements and align expectations. From the beginning, the required efforts and expected customer involvement are clearly communicated.


At the same time, we work to build end-user confidence in the new product. This can be achieved in several ways. Depending on the situation, we coordinate an appropriate transition. This can be done with documentation, classroom training or, for example, according to the train-the-trainer principle. Our approach focuses not only on the implementation, but also on the impact on people, organization, processes and information.


As a partner, you want to be able to lean on the expertise of experts. That makes perfect sense to us. As your partner, we are always ready to serve your IT helpdesk or your end users. Moreover, by outsourcing IT services, you continuously benefit from our knowledge. We keep an eye on market developments and test whether they can help your organization further.

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