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The IT within your organization is the heart of your business.


If you decide to outsource IT and thus choose outsourcing, do so with a company you trust.


A company that puts customer interests first in every choice. Not for nothing do we place extra value on honesty and transparency during the cooperation.

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The human factor

is most important

This is exactly what makes us different from other providers. Because although our services are founded on technology, we realize that the human factor is the most valuable. We want you to feel understood and heard in every contact. And we always look for the question behind the question. With this approach - combined with our problem-solving ability - we are convinced we can deliver you the best user experience.

Why outsource IT (in part)?

There are several reasons to outsource IT (in part) to an experienced Managed Services Provider (MSP):

Reason 1: efficient and effective IT

Companies can no longer do without IT. The complex (developments of) IT systems require specialized knowledge. External IT service providers have that expertise and skills in various areas of information technology. They know which solutions speed up and improve processes so that your staff works efficiently and effectively.

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Reason 2: business continuity

IT outsourcing ensures business continuity within your organization. This includes daily continuity, but also continuity in unforeseen situations, such as cyber attacks or illness of IT personnel. With backups, Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery, Service Level Agreements, among others, we reduce your risks. 

Reason 3: Focus on your core business

Outsourcing IT allows organizations to focus on their core business and strategic goals. Meanwhile, IT management is partially or fully in the hands of external IT specialists. This leads to improved competitiveness and business growth.

Reason 4: scalability

It is essential that IT grows with your business. Outsourcing IT frees up valuable resources and time to implement new solutions and expand existing ones, such as IT infrastructure.

Reason 5: war for talent

In a competitive job market, where highly skilled IT professionals are scarce, it can be difficult for organizations to attract and retain the right talent internally to manage complex IT systems and projects. By outsourcing IT, organizations can reduce the impact of the War for Talent. Even better, you secure the knowledge you need for organizational continuity.

IT outsourcing solutions and services

Managed services

IT is the foundation of your organization. To continue to grow and prosper, it is important to closely monitor and implement innovations within IT. As a Managed Services Provider, we take over that role from you. We use our IT knowledge to make your organization as successful as possible.

Modern Work

Work flexibly, safely and anywhere. We provide a pleasant modern workplace, where your colleagues can work (together) productively.

Security & Compliance

The vast majority of your company's value is stored digitally, which of course you need to protect as best you can. We understand that. Find out how we take an honest look at your systems and processes.

Infra and cloud

Your IT infrastructure is the foundation on which your entire organization builds and grows. We migrate your IT infrastructure smoothly to the cloud, tailored to your ambitions for the future. So you can focus on your core business.


Discover our high-quality IT licenses and build a partnership with Valid based on transparency, expertise and commitment to your success.

End User Experience

Your employees want immediate substantive assistance as soon as a problem arises. That's why you're looking for a party to take your operational IT issues off your hands. 

Some of our IT outsourcing clients


"Because of the no-nonsense mentality at Valid, you also never have long discussions. If there is something, we solve it quickly together." Joop Kempe, Corporate Head of ICT at Neways


"Valid has met us in a smart way by innovating their Service Desk approach," Irma Renders, B.U. Manager ICT


"The cooperation has been super, very pleasant and open. A perfect partner as far as we are concerned." Niels Golsteijn, IT manager

Alfa Accountants and Advisors

"We were most enamored with Valid's solution." René Vermeulen, Manager of ICT Support and Infrastructure

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