Digital transformation

Getting maximum returns from your business, market and product data? Digital transformation is a process of adapting as an organization to the rapidly changing digital world.


From reviewing business processes, implementing new technologies to creating value for customers and other stakeholders.

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as a driver of value

Digital Transformation. It is a process to stay ahead as an organization in the rapidly changing digital world. It is especially crucial for modern organizations. From reviewing business processes, implementing new technologies to creating value for customers and stakeholders. Often, the value of good and organized information provision is underestimated and its responsibility lies solely with the IT department.

We believe it is a broad management responsibility. Precisely because it is a direct consequence of the outlined organizational strategy. Getting maximum return from your business, market and product data? We are happy to help you create a data-driven organization. With confidence, we look and think ahead together.

Digital strategy

An organization's digital strategy must demonstrably contribute to the following 3 key areas:

1: Organizational strategy

Contributes to achieving the long-term ambitions of the organization.

2: Operation

Supports the effectiveness and efficiency of all processes of the operation (Going Concern).

3: Compliance

Monitors and contributes to organizational (legal) requirements and information security.

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Strategic Vision and Leadership

Start with a clear vision for digital transformation. This vision must be widely supported and prioritized by management and the board for transformation.

Customer focus and innovation

Identify customer needs and develop innovative solutions. A data-driven organization listens to customers and adapts quickly.

Process optimization and automation

Analyze existing processes and identify areas for improvement. Use data to reduce inefficiencies and promote automation.

Technology implementation

Together, we choose the right technologies that fit your strategic goals. In doing so, we look specifically at issues such as cloud computing, data architecture and technology, advanced analytics & AI, and IoT. Good data management plays a key role here. At Valid, we know what's possible. Together with you, we make the best fitting choices in the jungle of possibilities.

Data governance

Data governance ensures consistency and compliance with data rules. It ensures that data is managed in a structured and responsible manner. As an organization, it is important to implement a robust data governance policy. This includes rules, processes and responsibilities for storing and managing all data in your organization. Again, it is important to look at the (im)possibilities: does your organization want more data democracy where data resources and management, are placed low in the organization? Or does your organization benefit more from central data governance?

Start with the end goal in mind

Digital transformation is not a stand-alone activity or trajectory. It requires a clear focus and tenacity from your organization. In order to realize the objectives from the three core areas Strategy, Operations and Compliance. With the right choices, a responsible strategy and optimal execution, your organization can achieve its ambitions. We are happy to help you make the right choices. Because we become happy when we can assist our clients in making the smartest choices.

Solutions and services for digital transformation

Data Management

Manage and leverage your data with our data management strategies. Discover how we help your organization define its data vision, assess data maturity, and identify opportunities for maximum return.

Working data-driven

You recognize data as a valuable asset. You know better than anyone that good data leads to information and insights that contribute significantly to the decision-making and success of your organization. Making faster and better decisions based on data? 

Change Management

Want to make a successful change? Our changemakers put their knowledge and experience to work to make your project a success, whatever the approach.

Some of the clients we have helped with digital transformation


"We are working on an innovation that is new in the financial world. There are few parties in the market that have this expertise." Sander Janssen, Head of Digital


"The data warehouse helps us know where the business can achieve success." Roland Currie, IT director RNHB


'They are just good professionals, technically and substantively strong, and supported by a powerful organization.' Frans Vermeulen, Scrum Master Fontys University of Applied Sciences


'Because Valid is 'close to the fire' as a Microsoft partner, we get advice that is very useful to us." Marcel Schilder, Global IT Director AmbaFlex.

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