Data Management

You want to get started with data or improve your existing data strategy. You are looking for an appropriate data management strategy to maximize the return from your business, market and product data. Or you need help defining your data vision, assessing your data maturity, identifying your data needs and opportunities, and establishing roles and responsibilities for data management and ownership.


Valid designs, develops and integrates various data management strategies. We provide a data strategy that fits your business objectives. That starts with trust. Then follows the perfectly fitting solution. And with that, we achieve your goals.

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The benefits of data management


Data quality, data security and data availability

A clear data management strategy that aligns with your business goals ensures data quality, data security and availability, inside and outside the organization.


Scan to identify areas of improvement

With a data management roadmap and conducting a data management scan, we ensure that we can sharply evaluate the performance of your data organization and identify areas for improvement.


Secure, reliable and fast access to your data

Monitor the performance of your employees and discover success factors. With concrete overviews, attracting, engaging and retaining talent becomes much easier.

Unlock the value of your data

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Strategy & culture

Want to use your data to gain insights, optimize processes and drive innovation?

Every step in the optimal utilization of corporate data begins with a clear strategy policy on Information Assurance.

That requires a clear data management strategy that aligns with your business goals and ensures data quality, data security, and availability both inside and outside the organization.

Of course, with appropriate permissions for access.

Data architecture & data analytics

Create and manage a scalable, flexible and robust data warehouse that can handle the complexity and volume of your data sources and support your analytical needs?

Then you need a data architecture that fits the volumes and complexity of your data. How important is scalability? What are the future ambitions of the organization? And how data mature is your organization? We take into account the nature and size of your organization and compare desired technological capabilities with the financial and change capacity of your organization. 

To your personal growth so that you go to work with joy and passion!

From data strategy to implementation and management

Turning your data into actionable insights that inform your decision-making and drive business results? 

Ultimately, a technical environment will need to be set up based on the chosen architectural principles. Do you choose a data warehouse and BI environment?

Or does your organization need a more complex and heterogeneous setup such as a medalion-style data warehouse? We help you implement and manage the various data environments that provide secure, reliable and fast access to your data.

Getting started with data management

AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Do you want to go further and expect a lot from AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning? We are happy to support and guide you through a piece of internal AI awareness and the application of AI Industry Solutions and AI Engineering for specific data analytics application areas.

Working data-driven

Making faster and better decisions based on data? You know better than anyone that good data leads to information and insights that contribute significantly to the decision-making and success of your organization. 

Digital transformation

Getting maximum returns from your business, market and product data? Digital transformation is a process of adapting as an organization to the rapidly changing digital world.

Discover opportunities for your organization
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