Real estate and housing

The world of real estate and housing associations is all about creating optimal living and working environments. As a real estate company, you face the challenge of not only operating efficiently and cost-effectively, but also meeting constantly changing needs of residents and users. From maintaining existing homes to developing new construction projects, every aspect requires a smart and sophisticated approach.


We understand these challenges like no other. In fact, we know exactly what has a major impact on the efficiency and quality of your services. What challenges can we help your organization with?

Valid - real estate and housing
Valid - housing and real estate

Smart solutions to
real estate challenges

Smart solutions, including automated systems, AI-driven scheduling tools and mobile applications, can have a significant impact on the efficiency and quality of your services. They allow you to respond faster to maintenance requests, optimize the deployment of your staff and streamline administrative processes.

Therefore, the need for innovative IT solutions is greater than ever. Are you striving for optimization and digitalization of your operations? Valid is your reliable IT partner that supports you in optimizing and digitizing your operations. With services ranging from cloud transitions and modern workstations to advanced data solutions and application development.

Making standard processes more efficient

With digitization , you have the opportunity to make various standard processes more efficient. Think of mutations, service and maintenance, facilities management and compliance.

But safety and livability in the neighborhood are also topical issues that you often want to tackle together with the residents. With a digital tenant portal you gain insights into the needs of a neighborhood, but at the same time you fulfill a connecting role between supply and demand.

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A data-driven approach

With valuable insights based on data analytics, housing associations can play a central role in collaborations with emergency services, social partners, and healthcare providers. This data-driven approach promotes more intensive collaborations with commercial real estate organizations, and creates opportunities for social impact and operational efficiency. Valid is ready to be your IT partner in this digital transformation, in line with all applicable laws and regulations.

An IT partner who stands beside you

Implementing these innovative solutions can be complex and requires specific IT knowledge and capacity. Therefore, you are looking for a reliable IT partner that understands and can address these challenges. We are ready to meet such technological challenges. With our comprehensive services in the areas of infrastructure, application modernization, modern workstations and security , we help your organization operate more efficiently and effectively. So you can focus on your core business: creating a pleasant living and working environment for your customers. You can trust us with that.

Some of our solutions and services for real estate and housing

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