Blended support for Sitech Services: multi-disciplinary, on-site and remote, when every minute counts

Sitech Services helps companies on the Chemelot site near Geleen with unique services and the latest technologies to get the most out of their plants. When there was a need to improve the service desk and on-site support, Valid was brought in to help. This IT service provider came up with an innovative solution.

Sitech enables companies in the process industry, chemical industry and energy sector to grow. The company does this with services in the areas of fire safety, large-scale maintenance, process optimization, among others. To this end, Sitech deploys expertise and innovation to achieve better performance, and thus greater profitability, together with its customers. This also includes far-reaching digitalization and predictive work, which helps prevent breakdowns, for example.

Challenge: on-site Service Desk

Sitech wanted to create a dedicated onsite Service Desk that also offered the benefits of a larger, centralized shared service desk. A request for proposal was issued to see which parties were in the market for this.

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Solution: combining customer knowledge and scalability

The contract went to Valid, which at the time was already supporting Sitech with managed services. But that contract expired. "You don't want to lose a good customer," says Patrick Nijssen, sales manager of outsourcing at Valid. "That put us on edge to come up with an innovative solution. We optimally combined customer knowledge and scalability by deploying our Contact Center solution."

"Valid has met us in a smart way by innovating its service-desk approach."

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Result: job done on time, Medtronic is ready for more

The advantage is that all engineers working for Sitech on the Chemelot site can be part of the service desk. "Ideal when the on-site service desk is very busy," says Nijssen. "After all, the engineers know Sitech and can get users back on their feet quickly. Because it doesn't matter to our Contact Center where the engineer is located, in extreme cases we can also fall back on the central service desk in Eindhoven. So the Sitech end user always gets an employee on the line, no matter how busy it is."

According to Nijssen, the approach is working well. "The quality of service has increased further, Sitech employees are helped faster, and we don't have discussions about SLAs." Thus, Valid is contributing to Sitech's promise: "We maximize results.

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